GB&J: Granola Butter & Jelly Sandwich

A creative spin on the PB&J

A unique way to pb&J

Craving a pb&j, but sick of the same ol', same ol'? Strawberry jam and a thick slab of Skippy just not cutting it anymore? I feel ya. 

Enter: the gb&j. That's right, folks: granola butter & jelly. 

It ain't rocket science - in fact, this is probably offensive I created an actual recipe for this. 

If you're a sociopath like me, you stack your sammie high with not two, but three pieces of bread. Xoxo, carbkween. 


Granola butter and jelly sandwich


  • 2 slices of bread (or 3 - I won't judge)
  • 2T granola butter
  • 2T jelly (see my recipe here for 5-minute chia jam)

Here's what you do

Hopefully I don't lose you with this complicated recipe: take the bread, slather the granola butter on one piece, slather the jelly on the other. Put slices of bread together. (Plate is optional, napkin is not). Inhale.

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