GB Mocha Dalgona (Nut-free, GF, Dairy Free)

We’ve all been seeing the magic of Dalgona (beautifully whipped coffee) floating around the internet in the last few days. Trust me, the hype is real.

This drank — with its luscious, airy whipped cloud of coffee mixing in with your favorite type of milk is something to behold. Our take on it adds a bit of Chocolate Granola Butter blended into the milk for some ~big mocha energy~. If you need to feel a little extra, try this recipe — it's just what the doctor ordered.

WARNING: This recipe is guaranteed to make your friends drool with jealousy.

4 tablespoons Chocolate Granola Butter
2 cups milk of choice (oat milk for nut-free/dairy-free)
4 tablespoons instant coffee
4 tablespoons sugar
4 tablespoons hot water

1. Blend milk and Granola Butter together.
2. Mix instant coffee, sugar, and water together in a bowl or Kitchen-aid. Whip either by hand or in a mixer until airy, until stiff peaks form.
3. Spoon over Chocolate GB milk, dress with a little GB and maybe a dusting of cocoa powder.
4. Keep long enough to take a pic before going in for the CHUG.

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