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Granola Butter & Jelly Sandwich (GF, nut-free, vegan)

Okay, okay. So this one may be too easy to really classify as a "recipe" — but hear me out. This baddie deserves its own page because it's *that good.* A perfect PB&J substitute if you have an allergy or just want a change of pace.


HOW TO: the perfect granola butter & jelly sandwich (GB&J) 🥪

1️⃣ Toast the bread
2️⃣ Spread equal amounts GB & jelly on bread
3️⃣ Cut bread diagonally (important!! It just hits different)
4️⃣ Admire your creation
5️⃣ Admire your creation vertically
6️⃣ Inhale *omnomnom*

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