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Holiday Food Anxiety: How to deal when ish gets real

Okay,’s that time of year again. The time of year where your relationship with food can feel like an emotional minefield!

Hallmark specials would have us believe that the holidays should feel easy breezy, but for many of us (myself included), anxiety starts to come up as soon as Thanksgiving decor hits the shelves at Target.

My anxiety is not about gifts or navigating tumultuous TSA’s about the food.

If anyone else is struggling with this, first of all, I’m right there with you. BUT– I’ve also been thinking about how I want to approach the holiday season this year.

With the holidays upon us, here are 3 tips I’ll be practicing this holiday season to help me celebrate like a KWEEN! I’d love it if you’d join me. 


1. Focus on enjoying versus thinking about “indulging.”

A lot of articles talk about how it’s okay to “indulge” over the holidays...but just a little. Maybe it’s just me, but something about the word “indulge” feels shameful. Like I should feel naughty for eating that second piece of pie. (And let me tell you - once “shame” comes into the room - that second piece of pie is going to turn into raiding the cupboards after everyone goes home).

This year, I’m reframing “indulging” to enjoying. I want to enjoy the pumpkin pie, the stuffing, and the hot chocolate. What I find for myself is, when I think about enjoying these things, it releases that sense of shame. I don’t need to beat myself up. I’m not “treating myself.” I’m simply enjoying the moment and being present.


2. Be present with family and friends. 

Speaking of present...this year, I want to be more present with family and friends. When my focus is on the food (or anxiety around it), I’m not appreciating this special time with my family. 

When I’m hobbling around in my 90s, let me tell you, I want to remember the conversations I had with loved ones around the dinner table, not the fear I felt about the mashed potatoes. If that anxiety comes up, I’m going to remind myself to come back to the present moment and pay attention to the people around me.


3. Practice self-compassion 

Truth talk - every year after I’m home for the holidays, I come back to Los Angeles with a little more fluff. And guess what? It goes away once I’m back to my regular routine. If I’m enjoying my time at home and making memories with loved ones...IT 👏 DOESN’T 👏MATTER. 

This year, instead of coming back to LA feeling guilty, I’m going to get on that self-compassion train. If my jeans are a little snug: 1) I know it’s not permanent and 2) my self worth is not tied to what I weigh.

Seriously, Kweens, let’s give ourselves a break and enjoy this time with loved ones.

Happy holidays!

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