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How to stay healthy (and sane) on vacation

It's the day before your dreamy two week vacation that you've been planning with your friends for months. Your out of office status is set, bags are packed and liver is anxiously awaiting a wild week ahead. You got this trip on lock. But pump the breaks -- if you want to come back feeling like a kween, I've got some tips for you. 



Protein powder is bae

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love protein powder more than my boyfriend. And if you don't have a significant other, protein powder can fulfill you in all the same ways -- feeds you, feeds you, and feeds you. This is awkward.. am I the only one who relies on my boyfriend only for food? 

Here's what you'll do -- buy a cheap shaker bottle on Amazon. Buy a few travel packets of protein powder (I love Amazing Grass for plant-based, or Naked Nutrition makes a fab clean whey). 

Once you go through TSA security, go to the nearest coffee shop (it'll most likely be a Starbucks, lezbehonest). Order a small almond milk (or soy/cows milk -- whatever floats your lil boat). Add the milk to your shaker bottle, pour in your packet of protein powder and shake til your lil arms give out. Life hack: you can even order the milk to be steamed if you want a warm, cozy protein latte! 

I love this hack, because traveling is exhausting and I'm always 10x hungrier on the road. Protein shakes never fill me up enough for an actual meal, but it's just enough to take the edge off if I'm hangry. 


Google Maps is bae

Unless you're vacationing in Siberia in the dead of winter, there's probably a grocery store nearby to where you're staying. Doing a quick search on Google Maps to see what healthy options are around is a go-to for me. I'll make a quick pitstop on the way from the airport to grab some shelf-stable essentials (turkey jerky, nuts, protein bars, apples, etc) on the way to the hotel/airbnb. If you're lucky enough to have a fridge, I'll usually grab some cottage cheese, greek yogurt, almond milk, hard boiled eggs, etc. 

Remember - you're on vaca

Bottom line: don't be crazy. If your friends are ordering taquitos and margaritas, don't sit there like a sad shell of a human with your tupperware of chicken and broccoli. Order a double margarita, dance your brains out, and make some memories with your friends. One salad didn't make you skinny, and one dinner with friends won't make you fat #science. 

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