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Welcome to our first-ever Kween Conversations! Kween Convos is a place to ask your burning questions and get quick answers from the people you trust: your community. 

Questions like: 

  • "Has anyone tried Accutane? Thinking of taking the plunge, but nervous about the side effects."
  • "What's the best natural deodorant? I'm a sweaty gal!" 
  • "Anyone have a favorite collagen brand? Why?" 

How it works: 

  • Post your question below in the comments, OR feel free to answer any of the questions that people have already posted! 

This community will be most successful if you participate. If you have a question, I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and ask! 



Excerpt from 8/14/20189

Ki Anderson 36 minutes ago 

Anyone use Accutane? I'm thinking of starting in 30 days I'm African American and while I have balanced my hormones naturally the scarring left behind has been a chore to get rid of. Laser isn't an option as it will make my skin worse than it is. I don't want to try continuous peels and not rid myself of the scarring. I know Accutane is a beast but just wondering how folks stayed healthy on it? Any must take supplements or vitamins?


Hannah 2 months ago ·

Has anyone tried Frè skincare? Thinking about trying, as I'm a lot sweatier in the summer (obvi) and have had a few small breakouts recently. I have super sensitive skin and I'm scared of trying new products that might make me breakout!


T.j 2 months ago ·

Has anyone had problems with middle of the night eating? I used to tease my dad we called him the “night snacker” all of a sudden I’m feeling a intense need to get up in the middle of the night to eat!! Wtf not like a whole meal but like a couple spoons of almond butter/granola butter, handful of granola. Why?


Blake 2 months ago ·

Working on eating healthy and I know a lot of fitness-motivated individuals will meal prep. Does anyone do this/does it work for them?


Lauren T 2 months ago ·

I am an avid meal prepper and am a firm believer in the routine! I love it bc I work a full time job and don’t have time to cook everyday. It saves me money, time, and keeps me from bingeing on junk food. Takes some practice and prep, but def can still be fun and such a timesaver


Emily 2 months ago ·

I used to meal prep my lunches for the week when I was still in school! It definitely requires some organization ahead of time in terms of buying groceries, but I found it to end up saving a lot of time throughout the week, especially when I was running from one thing to the next during the day. I also was able to save money because I wasn’t buying lunch out every day. I’m not very good with figuring out what to make so I just found meal prep recipes online which was super easy! You should give it a try if you’re curious! It’s not for everyone but can be a great way to stay healthy during the week!


Emily 2 months ago ·

My armpits are sweaty ALL THE TIME. I can’t wear any pastel colored shirts and I don’t think I even own a grey shirt because of it. Any recommended antiperspirants or tips to reduce sweat?


Ki Anderson 41 minutes ago ·

I love Primal Pit Paste Charcoal Magnesium! Hands down the best natural deo it doesn't have baking soda which was a plus for me!!


Adalie 2 months ago ·

I use Nature's Gate but I heard Aer Next Level deoderant works amazing and they are both all natural!



Ali Bonar 2 months ago ·

Girl I FEEL U (I'm the same way - total sweaty beast). I use Piper Wai and Holly's Keeping It Real and they're the only natural deodorants I've tried that keep me dry


Nicole 2 months ago ·

I just sat down with a jar of nut butter to have a spoonful and the next thing I know I’m halfway through the jar. Ahh I’m binging inner panic Now what?


Ali Bonar 2 months ago ·

First of all: don't freak out. Binge eating doesn't make you weird, and it happens to way more people than you think. Some tips that have helped me:

Approach your binge with curiosity, not judgement. Leading up to it, were you feeling any emotions (anxiety, stress, boredom) that may have triggered you to eat?

Are you restricting your food in any way (either physically or emotionally - telling yourself "I can't have nut butter, it's too high calorie")? Those feelings of deprivation almost certainly lead to binge tendencies!


Charlotte 2 months ago ·

Anyone have a new protein bar recs? Looking for low sugar and minimal ingredients. Thnx!



Lauren T 2 months ago ·

My favorite are RXbars! They have simple ingredient lists and only sweetened with dates. They’re available at TJ’s, Sprouts and Whole Foods. My fav is Chocolate Sea Salt, Mixed Berry, and Choco PB


Ava 2 months ago ·

I experienced bad acne when I was a teen and in my early 20’s, and most of it left bad scarring (mostly on my chin and back). Does anyone have recommendations for a way to help reverse the scarring?


Elizabeth Sorrentino 2 months ago ·

Laser for sure and at home — glycic peels!!




Lauren 2 months ago ·

I had bad cystic acne in my 20s and still mild acne right now. I plan to do laser resurfacing once acne is gone for a year. For right now, I’d try frankincense oil and a jade roller is great too for breaking up some of the scar tissue. I’ve seen improvement! Hope this helps


Ali Bonar 2 months ago ·

Oooh I've heard great things about frankincense oil - do you use it topically or consume it orally?


Becky 2 months ago ·

Has anyone tried the Mirena IUD? I heard the hormones stay localized but I’m not convinced. Thank you!!


Sarah 2 months ago ·

Hey Becky! I'm on my second Mirena IUD and have loved both of them, got the second the day the first was taken out. I have maybe 1-2 days of spotting a month which was a huge change from my normally very heavy periods. Didn't effect my hormonal cystic acne at all, which I had before my first and through my second until I finally tried Accutane. I work as a women's health NP now, and IUDs are the birth control I most recommend to my patients, especially those looking for a lower hormonal load, or have been sensitive to combined methods, like the pill, or patch, or systemic progesterone methods like Nexplanon. Obviously everyone's body is going to react differently, but hormonal IUDs, like Mirena/skyla/kyleena/liletta have the lowest hormone load of any hormonal birth control option. Skyla and Kyleena have the lowest hormonal load, respectively, so those may be a better option if you're looking to reduce hormonal exposure, though you may be more likely to have a period or heavier spotting because of the lower hormonal load. All of that said, these hormones are only technically absorbed into the uterus and surrounding structures, so compared to systemic methods, like the pill or ring, or Nexplanon, side effects with an IUD are likely to be much less. If you're looking for a zero hormone, but still super reliable method, you may want to check out the Paragard IUD. At the end of the day I think it's a decision or what effects you're willing to accept for the benefits you want. Happy trails!!


Lizzielizard 2 months ago ·

Hey Becky
I’ve had Mirena, Skyla, and Kyleena. All at different times all for birth control and to stop endometriosis growth. Yep as an endometriosis chic I’ve been there done em all. ;)) Although the hormones released are getting lower and lower they are still hormones. And as a person who is sensitive to hormones, particularly any birth control that is progesterone based and without estrogen, as all of these are, my advice is be careful. Localized is a myth. Everything is absorbed into your system. For me it took abt four months each time but my acne got BAD, my migraine headaches same — everything that was subject to hormones was effected. The endometriosis was better but there was a cost. Best of luck to you!!!


Jessica 2 months ago ·

I had it for 5 years and it completely got rid of my period it was amazing. I recently had it taken out and after a month had a new one put back in because I missed the luxury of no period!! The only side effect I experienced was cystic acne however I got it about 3 years into the first one, so hard to say if the IUD is to blame.


Margeaux 2 months ago ·

I had it for 5 years and have had A horrible experience since getting it out. I am Not convinced on any of the facts about it- I think It’s too new and there hasn’t been enough research done. I would Not recommend it! But keep in mind everyone and every body is different so it might be fine for you!


Natalie 2 months ago ·

A great natural deodorant is called Curie. They’re pretty new and can be found at Made by women, for women.


Taylor 2 months ago · 1 Like

Actually I've tried this brand and it didn't work for me :/ Everyone's bodies respond differently though! I switched to Holly's keeping it real and it's been working well so far!


Rachel 2 months ago ·

I saw on @avokweens story that charcoal supplements can affect your birth control. Is anyone aware of other products I should watch out for?!


Almond Kween 2 months ago ·

This is true! Charcoal stops the absorption of most oral medications and supplements! Don’t combine them if you’re on the pill!


Amantha 2 months ago ·

Antibiotics impact the effectiveness of birth control.


Liv 2 months ago ·

I️ have been breaking out a TON recently in places I️ never experienced issues with before, even though I️ have a very healthy and active lifestyle. I️ have tried everything to fix my skin including cutting out dairy completely and refined sugar (almost) entirely (its hard). I️ think my birth control might be the problem. I️ currently take Aviane. Has anyone else experienced skin problems on this medication and if so what did you do to fix it?


Elizabeth Sorrentino 2 months ago ·

Hey Liv
Saw your post re: skin issues. Been there. I googled and I think this is a progestin only pill?? These can hormonally can worsen acne particularly cystic. Hope this helps. Happened to me w Depo shot.




Liv 2 months ago ·

Thank you! I️ will speak to my doctor. Cystic has definitely become the issue :/




Sarah 2 months ago ·

I did not take this medication but I took a different birth control that made my chin break out everywhere! It was terrible. I got off the pill and switched to another. Although now I am not on the pill anymore because of it’s negative effects.


Ali Bonar 2 months ago ·

Omg - I experienced so many skin issues on birth control!! Ultimately, I ended up going on accutane which cleared me up real quick, but it’s an intense drug and is definitely challenging. I changed my birth control to the Mirena IUD and my skin has been great ever since


Annie 2 months ago · 1 Like

What’s the best post workout meal or snack?   

I usually like a quick smoothie with collagen or pea protein & some healthy fat (avo or almond butter)


jj 2 months ago ·

Overnight oats w almond butter and frozen bluebs


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