Kween Routine: Averi Haugesag, Marketing at sweetgreen

 Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen

Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen

Averi Haugesag is a St. Paul, Minnesota native currently living + working on the community marketing team at sweetgreen in the San Francisco Bay Area. Averi is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for writing and building relationships with people + brands. This is her morning (Kween) routine.


One morning practice/ritual you need to feel like a kween? 

I always read or watch the news in the morning-- I have since I was a kid! I think it's important to always be informed of what's going on in the world around you.


Coffee or tea?

Black coffee, straight up!


What do you eat for breakfast?

A protein shake of some kind! My favorite is Tone It Up chocolate plant-based protein powder, a frozen banana, spinach and almond milk!


Be honest - do you check your phone in the AM?

I definitely check my phone in the AM. I keep up on world news, but also have to keep up with what's happening in the lives of my friends and family back in Minnesota/North Dakota!


Hit the snooze or spring out of bed? 

Spring out of bed! Just kidding-- I'm definitely the type who hits snooze at least three times every morning.

 Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen

Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen


Now take us through your typical morning routine, broken down by hour: 

6am: zzz...

7am: zzzz...

8am: zzzzz... (hit snooze a few times)

8:30am: Up and at 'em! The first thing I always do is open all the blinds to let the sunshine into my apartment. Then, I feed my maine coon kitten, Izzy.

8:45-9:00am: Make coffee + protein shake, read/watch world news. Check social media.

9:00am: Shower, put on makeup, and do my hair.

9:30am: Start checking sweetgreen email account.

10:00am: Head to one of the San Francisco Bay Area sweetgreen locations to concierge in-store or pickup food for an event of some kind!

 Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen

Averi Haugesag of sweetgreen

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