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Kween Routine: Pegah Olfat



Pegah is the CEO & founder of PEGACTIVE: FITNESS & FAITH, a company that focuses on all things health & fitness, while also incorporating her Christian faith. As an NASM CPT & FNS, she specializes in both co-ed & women’s fitness with the goal of helping others become their best selves. She wants everyone, both men and women, to see how beautiful & worthy they are.

Rapid fire:

One morning practice/ritual you need to feel like a kween? 
DEVOTIONAL & WORKOUT! A quick HIIT & lifting sets my day right. 

Coffee or tea?
COFFEE. Black coffee with stevia, please. Oh, and i'll take a VENTI. 

What do you eat for breakfast?
If i'm in a rush, I'll make flapjack'd mighty muffins and have that with fruit, almond butter and a protein shake with my supplements blended in!

If I have time, i'll prep eggs, avocado, turkey sausage, toast, juice, all da goods. 

Be honest - do you check your phone in the AM?
YES! First thing.

Hit the snooze or spring out of bed? 
Spring out of bed!

Take us through your typical morning routine, broken down by hour: 

5am: Wake up + devotional
6am: Client + personal workout sesh (unless i'm teaching a class)
7am: Coffee + breakfast
8am-12pm: WERK mode. clients, consultations, emails, play listing for Flywheel classes, event prep, etc. And if I have any downtime in the morning, i'll be in major auntie mode with my nephews!! 

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