Morning Kween Routine: Leah Hazley, Pediatric Nurse & Mama of 3

Leah Hazley, @mrshazleyandbaby

Leah Hazley is a wife and mama of THREE. We think of her as something of a supermom. She lives in Denver, but is passionate about squeezing some amazing travels into her busy routine. And did we mention she’s also a pediatric nurse? This is her morning (kween) routine.

One morning practice/ritual you need to feel like a kween? 

Coffee, coffee and coffee

Coffee, tea or other? 

Did I mention coffee?! 

What do you and your kids eat for breakfast? 

Bacon, always bacon, eggs and sprinkled waffles are usually requested! 

How have your mornings changed since having kids? 

Waking. Up. Early! I always slept in before kids. 

Craziest/busiest morning you can remember?

We have recently become a family of five so getting all three kids out of the house for school drop off during a winter storm was not a good time! 

Take us through your typical morning routine, broken down by hour.

6:30am: Mom’s alarm clock goes off (Mom is out of bed after a couple hits of the snooze button). Mom comes downstairs with the baby to enjoy coffee in the peace and quiet while watching the Today Show.

7:10am: I wake up the two big sisters to start our day.

7:20am: We eat a quick breakfast (usually eggs or cereal).

8:10am: We leave the house to drop off the biggest sister for school

8:40am: Mom and two little sisters are home and eat a big breakfast. 

10am to 12pm: Play time/book time before lunch and nap! 


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