Morning Kween Routine: Lex Daddio

Lex is an amazing wife and mama living in Richmond, VA. The stream of colorful,
drool-worthy food on her IG @restoring_radiance is sure to add a little sunshine to
your day. Lex radiates positive vibes and shows us the beauty of intuitive eating, and takes us along on her journey. You go, mama!

One morning practice/ritual you need to feel like a kween? 
Coffee. Always coffee. And I love to take a little time to spend reading my bible and
journaling as well. 

Coffee, tea or other?
COFFEE. I actually don't really like tea. Sometimes herbal tea at night with some
honey, but otherwise coffee.
What do you and your kids eat for breakfast? 
Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. Haha I love them all, but my
breakfast changes all the time. Anything from toast and eggs, yogurt bowls, or
anything that has a carb and fruit and nut butter. My go to! Also, T is just starting to
eat real food so we haven't gotten much further than eggs, fruit like bananas &
apples, and going to try some more fun things like yogurt and little homemade
muffin soon!


How have your mornings changed since having kids?
I was always an early riser (or as least I made myself into one), but now it's super
important to me to wake up before T wakes up. He gets up for the day around 8 so I like to get up at least 1-2 sometimes 3 hours before him to have my own time. Which means I wake up anywhere between 5-6am. I like to read/journal, enjoy my coffee, get some work done, exercise if I'm going to that morning, and then be all ready to be present and play with him once he wakes up! 

Craziest/busiest morning you can remember?
Honestly can't think of one in particular, but probably any morning I tell someone I
can meet up at 8:30 somewhere, because I always think T and I can get out the door earlier but in reality he likes to wake up and chill and eat slow and I don't blame him haha. So I'm learning we really can't meet anyone anywhere until 9ish, which can still be a struggle. There are so many steps with a babe :)



Take us through your typical morning routine, broken down by hour.
I'll take you through a more typical morning of the 5am wakeup.
5am: Wake up & get right up. I'm not an alarm snoozer haha. Wash face, brush teeth, and go downstairs.
5:10am: Straight for a BIG glass of water & brew the coffee.
5:15-5:45am: Read, journal, and drink coffee.
5:45-6:30am: Do some work. Emails or anything else that needs to be done on my
phone or computer.
6:30-7:30am: This time changes but somewhere in this time frame I'll either go to
Pure Barre, do Pure Barre on demand (a video) or go on a walk. Or if it's a busy
morning, I'll just keep working! Just depends
7:45-8am: Eat breakfast
8am: T wakes up. Get him, feed him, play with him, and get ready while we're

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