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My Experience with Microneedling

I'll admit it: I hate needles. So when I heard about a new facial treatment where hundreds of needles create micro-punctures in your skin, I was a bit hesitant (to say the least). The results were enticing, though, and since I'm a superficial betch willing to do whatever it takes for glowy skin - I gave it a try. And the results were 1000% WORTH IT. 

I decided to check out SkinSpirit in Presidio Heights - their spa is FLAWLESS. The people are nice and knowledgeable (a tough combo to come by!) and it was super close to my house. Win-win-win. 

What it is: A tool (or "pen") with 11 microneedles will make tiny punctures in your skin, encouraging fibroblasts to create more collagen in the "wounded" area. 

The benefits: Collagen stimulation, fine line/wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction

The cost: Around $600

The time investment: 1 hour total - 30 minutes for numbing gel, 30 minutes for procedure

Does it hurt? Not really. Your face is numb from the gel. Feels more like a cat licking your face - like sandpaper. Felt weirdly satisfying actually. 

What's the downtime? My face was slightly flushed immediately afterwards, but nothing crazy. I looked like I spent just a little too much time in the sun. (Everyone is different, though). The next morning, skin was back to normal but felt a little tight and dry. 

How often should I get it done? 3-6 months.

Before: You can see my skin is pretty clear (thanks, accutane!) but I still have some acne scarring.



During the procedure: My practitioner, Joie Beck, FNP-BC, was incredible (she's at the SF location). She was gentle yet thorough, and really knew her stuff. We chatted about everything (you really get to know someone when they're up in your face for an hour), and she answered all my skin Q's with ease. 


Immediately afterwards!



The morning after (I do have a light dusting of foundation on! But you can tell skin looks more glowy already). My skin feels smoother, and the tone is already more even! It's crazy how quickly the treatment made a noticeable difference. 

 12 hours after microneedling

12 hours after microneedling

Overall: Loved it. 12/10 would recommend to a friend. 

Want to try microneedling? Make an appointment at SkinSpirit (they have 8 locations in CA and WA!) & receive 15% off YOUR first treatment. And for the month of April, you will receive a complimentary TNS Recovery Complex with a package of 3 microneedling treatments (just let 'em know Avokween sent ya!) 

You can reach SkinSpirit at: (855) 383-7546. 


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