My Life is Not My Instagram Feed

You know the drill.

It's Monday morning and the alarm goes off on your phone. You turn it off and open up Instagram, mindlessly scrolling through your feed to see what everyone was up to this weekend.

Ugh. Looks like Becky had a picture-perfect outfit on her picture-perfect birthday party, with her picture-perfect mancandy by her side. Meanwhile, you were in bed by 8pm on Saturday night, Netflix being the only mancandy by your side. 

Nothing like a little negative self-talk first thing in the morning to get your day started! 

If you take a look at my feed, you'll see a curated palette of colorful food porn - my nails always painted and my drips always just right. But behind the scenes, it's a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. There's shit on the floor, shit on the wall - shit everywhere, really. Just take a look at my camera roll: 



When I was shooting this toast, you could say I was having a pretty bad day. My car had just gotten towed for $800 and I was in a rush to create new content, since I was fresh out. I was rushing to put away my groceries when I dropped the entire carton of eggs on the floor - cracking every last one. (It's in these moments that I remind myself ALI YOU ARE BLESSED AF - but then sometimes I still gotta cry it out).  

Why am I telling you this? Because comparing your real life to someone else's curated life is unhealthy, a waste of time, and unfair to yourself. 

I'm not above it - I know exactly how Instagram works, and yet I still fall victim to the comparison trap. But I think it's important to remember that Instagram is a highlight reel. Would a photo of my towing notice or a dozen broken eggs rack up thousands of likes? I don't think so. 

So the next time you're scrollin' your feed, just think about what doesn't make it onto the 'gram. Guarantee you that Becky didn't post about getting into a fight with mancandy after he spilled a drink on her picture-perfect outfit. 

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