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My Morning Routine

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated by the morning routines of other people. I myself am a creature of habit, always craving a loose routine - whether it be a daily cuppa joe, quick workout or listening to a podcast on my walk to work. Over the years, I've somewhat perfected my morning routine (pls note that I'm still far from perfect and very much still a hot ass mess), which I'll share with you below:

5:30-6am: alarm goes off and I mutter some profanities under my breath. I immediately drink a full glass of water, which always seems like an insurmountable task at 5:30am. I'd like to note that no, I'm not a morning person and no, it does not get easier to wake up this early. Ever. 

6:15am: put on workout clothes and drag my ass to the gym/soulcycle/pilates (whatever flavor of torture I'm feelin' that day). 

7am: workout is done and I'm feelin' on top of the world. I wish I could bottle up this feeling and chug it every morning instead of my stupid glass of water. 

8am: put phone on airplane mode, play a podcast & walk to work. It's an hour walk, but it's by far my favorite and most creative hour of the day. I don't have any texts to return, no Slack messages to read. It's the only hour of the day just for me. I plan future avokween posts, think of new business ideas and above all, let my mind wander. 

9am: get to work, pound some coffee and GET TO WERK. 


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