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Part deux: My experience with CBD

My personal experience with CBD

I tried CBD, And Here's What Happened

I'll admit it - I'm naturally a sociopath. Think about how you feel after chugging 3 cups of coffee on an empty stomach: jittery, jumpy, a little twitchy? Yeah, that's how I'd describe my baseline mood. If you were to ask my closest friends (or anyone who's met me, really), they may tell you I'm "outgoing," "chatty," or "conversational." But I can guarantee none of them would describe me as "chill." 

So when literally the whole world was talking about CBD, I was down to give it a try. (Pssst - if you want the TLDR, scroll to the bottom. And if you missed my first post about CBD, check it out here). 

It was serendipitous, really. I was leisurely walking through a farmer's market in Seattle when I stumbled upon the Lazarus Naturals booth and talked to a friendly gentleman selling some CBD.

I looked around nervously. "Isn't this illegal?" I hissed at him. (A rule follower since birth, jaywalking and cutting lines give me anxiety - enough said). 

“He laughed. ‘Sounds like someone needs a sample.’”

He gave me a sample of their CBD coconut oil and told me it would take some time to kick in. Call it placebo, but I instantly felt calmer. This gal had places to be though, so I bought a small vial of the CBD tincture and was on my way. 

The next day, I was boarding my flight back to San Francisco. Feeling a bit anxious about flying (and the 80 loads of laundry that were awaiting my return), I remembered my farmer's market purchase. Once in my seat, I shot a full dropper of the tincture into my mouth. It tasted disgusting, like a bitter hemp oil. I chugged water and waited for my anxiety to melt away. 

About 45 minutes into my flight, I felt slightly more at ease. I barely noticed the baby crying in front of me, and the seat kicks from the child behind me weren't as unmanageable as before. Was it all in my head? 

I got home later that evening and felt calm. Like, shavasana calm. 4 big sips of wine on an empty stomach calm (you know the feeling?) Was it all in my head? 

The next day, I decided to try it again.. at work. Alright CBD, show me whatchu got. I put a dropper (about 10mg, according to the label) into my coffee and chipped away at my emails. Since I hadn't eaten yet, the CBD hit me quicker this time. About 20-30 minutes later, I felt the jittery effects of my coffee start to dissipate. (I was still sweating, but that means nothing. I'm just a sweaty gal). I had a focused, calm energy. I felt amazing. 

TLDR: I love CBD. I don't take it everyday (everything in moderation, people). On days when I'm feeling especially anxious or stressed, I take about 10mg, but your dosage will vary. It won't get you high, so don't expect to see colors or hallucinate (sorry). It is very subtle - like one glass of wine or that post-yoga bliss. 

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