Q&A with Cait Crowell, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Cait Crowell is one of my favorite gals to follow on the gram. Because (shocker!) she's REAL. You won't see her pretending that her life is meditating & green juicing 24/7, and it's really refreshing to see that. You can find her on instagram @whatcaitate and online at What Cait Ate. She's amazing — enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I'm Cait Crowell, the creator behind What Cait Ate. I work online remotely as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner helping guide people to optimal health by balancing their body systems with properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods and functional testing. I live in Denver, CO with my incredible husband, Stu, and adorable frenchie, Denali! 


What was the inspiration behind your account?

After getting my BS in Global Public Health + Nutrition and becoming an NTP, I was extremely passionate to use my platform on IG to share the truth of proper nutrition — no bullshit — and explain how the body is supposed to function in a way that anyone could understand and apply to their own lives.


What does wellness look like for you?

Wellness looks different for everyone because we are all bio-individuals with different needs, lifestyles, etc. Simply put — for me personally — wellness looks like taking the time to listen to my own body and then acting in a way that honors it. We are all born with human bodies that contain an "innate intelligence," AKA: our bodies know exactly what they need to function optimally. Once we can understand how the body communicates — pain, soreness, bloating, skin conditions, headaches, etc., and what causes these things to happen, we can successfully get rid of these ailments naturally and pave a path to optimal health. This looks completely different for everyone — there is no one size fits all.


You're an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner). Why did you choose this route over a traditional RD route, and what advice would you have for someone considering both paths?

Just to preface — these are my own opinions and simply the choices I made personally. Of course, the natural progression would have been to become an RD after my undergrad degree, but something felt wrong to me after weighing my options. I had been taught by RD's during my undergrad classes, and all of them perpetuated BS nutrition rooted in the USDA/FDA guidelines that were regulated by Monsanto, big Pharma, etc. I felt like I just kept seeing these professors mindlessly share nutrition information that was blatantly incorrect and outdated — things like "theres absolutely no difference between organic or conventional" or "leaky gut is a sham that holistic people created and its not real" or "dairy and grains are the staple of a balanced diet for everyone!" I butted heads with pretty much all of my nutrition professors, pushing the envelope on research projects just to make a point that, YES — gluten sensitivities and leaky gut are REAL. I knew then I couldn't possibly handle 2 more years of biting my tongue and being internally pissed off just so I could be recognized in all 50 states as a licensed dietitian. It felt wrong, even though everyone thought I was crazy to become anything other than an RD after undergrad. 


Like usual, I paved my own path. I looked at all of my options, talked to people who had gone through the different programs I was interested in (there was A LOT!), and I kept coming back to the NTP Program. It was everything I was looking for! Up-to-date research and education on nutrition, incredible anatomy + physiology of key body systems that influence health challenges, explanations of how the body systems are connected, why gut health is the root of almost every ailment, etc. Ultimately, NTP offered me answers to all of my "why's" that I accumulated for so many years relating to nutrition + health that I couldn't find anywhere else


If someone is considering both paths, I would encourage you to listen to that voice within you. No one gives a shit what letters are behind your name, they just want help. Make the decision based on how you can help people in the way you see fit, not what the letters might mean. Also — talk to people who have gone through the programs you're thinking of getting into and get their honest opinions. Also — there's a video on my blog reviewing the NTP program that you can check out if you'd like. 


Take us through a day in the life of Cait. We want all the deets!

I'm very much a type B person, so no single day is the same for me. I've tried many times to have a "routine" and I literally cannot for the life of me stick to one! But here's a typical day for me: I either wake up at 5:30am and go to Crossfit with my husband, or I sleep in until 7:30am. Stu and I make breakfast together around 8am, feed Denali + take him out for a quick walk together, and the day gets rolling! Often times around 9am I have a meeting with someone I met on Instagram, a brand that wants to collaborate, a friend, and so on. I make a point to try and meet with at least 3-5 people each week in person for a coffee/lunch date, and I try to make most of them with new people. After morning meetings, I'm usually home for the rest of the day until 5-6pm digging into client consults, emails, creating content, shooting photos, writing blog posts, editing videos, and the like. Stu typically gets home between 5-7pm and we'll either go out to eat at an awesome restaurant in Denver, make dinner together, or make/grab dinner with friends! I like to get into bed around 10-11pm, clear the energy from the day with some palo santo, set intentions for the next day, and either do some journaling or reading to quiet my mind. 


And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween?

Spending quality time by myself and creating space to discover who I am always leaves me feeling unconditionally loved internally in a way I can't find anywhere else — it's like this complete okayness with everything and anything happening in my life, and really feeling held and loved by the universe in my own path. I know that probably sounds weird and I should say something like, "getting my nails done with my mom!" but honestly being in a calm space in my own mind is the most rewarding and joyful feeling I think I've ever had. Kween status for sure. 

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