Q&A with Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious

 Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious

Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious

Catherine McCord is a Jane of all trades. She built an empire, founded two companies, and raised three kids in the process! On top of all that, she's warm, incredibly down to earth and refreshingly relatable.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m the mother of 3 kids: Kenya, 11, Chloe, 9, and Gemma, 3. I’m also the founder of Weelicious, author of 2 cookbooks (soon to be a third) and co-founder of One Potato, an organic, family friendly meal delivery company. 


What was the inspiration behind Weelicious?

I attended culinary school, worked in restaurants trying to figure out what I wanted to do in the food space and when I had my son realized I knew how to make a gourmet meal, but no idea what to feed a baby!


What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own brand? 

Know your audience. You want to make sure you’re focused on a specific customer and how you’re going to change or improve their life with your product (that’s what you’re doing for Kween and kids who want, but can’t have nut butter!) 


What do you love most about yourself?

Physically I have a broken blood vessel on my face from when I gave birth to Chloe. Always reminds me about miracle of birth and being a mom. Mentally I love that I have grown as I’ve gotten older appreciating time and the importance of family and core values. 

 Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious

Catherine McCord, Founder of Weelicious


Take us through a day in the life of Catherine. We want all the deets!

I’m not sure you have enough time.. it’s BUSY! Up at 6am to plow though work emails, make smoothies every morning for my kids, hubby and myself, get my older kids off to camp, back to work, baby up at 9:30am (she’s a big sleeper), play and get ready to work all day until the second round of kid activities and work, then finally make One Potato for dinner (my weeknight lifesaver), baths, homework, reading, bed and then back to work. It’s a hamster wheel!


And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween?

The satisfaction of completing a goal whether it’s with one of my kids or something I’ve been working hard on. The real pay off comes on Friday nights when my husband and I get to sit back, enjoy a great meal and talk about our week. 

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