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Q&A with Courtney Swan of Realfoodology

As her name implies, Courtney is real AF. She doesn't sugar-coat it (literally), which is something I find refreshing in a world of sponsored content and paid opinions. She also happens to be the nutritionist for Tove Lo - CASUAL. She's an incredible human and I know you'll enjoy her interview!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Courtney. I live in LA and work as a nutritionist and personal assistant to Tove Lo. When I am not touring with her, I work from home on my passion project Realfoodology. Before my career in health & wellness I was a tour manager for a few bands you may have heard of (Third Eye Blind, 3OH!3). When I’m not working, I love to go out dancing (unlike most in my field I am quite the night owl!), cooking and spending time with friends.


What was the inspiration behind Realfoodology?

Realfoodology started from an intense passion for health and exposing the food industry for its dirty practices (i.e. bioengineer companies claiming to want to feed the world while they are spraying our food with human carcinogens like glyphosate).


What advice do you have for someone looking to start their own brand/business?

For someone looking to build their personal brand, I would say find your voice. You need to stop paying attention to what anyone else is doing and do everything from the heart. You being you and adding your own spin on whatever it is you are passionate about is what is going to set you apart, because lucky for you - there is no one else like you!



What do you love about your job?

I am really fortunate to say that I get to travel the world for my job with my best friends. Talk about job perks! I am so grateful for the experience. 


What do you love about yourself?

I can’t name just one! I stand up for what I believe in, no matter what. Even if it’s scary. I thrive on spontaneity and live my life going with the flow. I think it makes it so much easier to be present in life and really enjoy it this way!


Take us through a day in the life of courtney. We want all the deets!

A day in life of me is hard to write down because my days are usually never the same! Especially when on the road with Tove, we will fly one day, next day have a show to prepare for and the next day could be a radio appearance or interview. No day looks the same. When I am off the road and home working on Realfoodology, my day generally consists of a workout (soulcycle and the pilates reformer are my go to’s), lunch is either with a friend or I’ll cook up something to post on my IG, usually work on some content for Realfoodology and then either go out with friends or spend the night in relaxing and catching up on a favorite TV show. 



What's on the horizon for you in 2018?

2018 is going to be an exciting year for me and Realfoodology. I am hoping to start working on my book and spend more time really crafting my brand. I would love to release a product eventually (maybe on the horizon for this year, maybe not!) and would love to start doing more public talks, spreading awareness about the change our food environment needs.


And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween?

Realizing my power and voice makes me feel like a KWEEN. 2017 was full of a lot of self growth and awareness for me, and a lot of it was realizing that I am the only person in my way. When I put my focus and energy into something I want (work, goals, etc), I find that it is easy to obtain - when you realize this nothing stands in your way! Find your voice. Own your power. It is so rewarding and will give you the life you want to live!

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