Q&A with Ellie Cobb, PhD of Grounded and Gold

At the Good Fest last week, I saw a fierce ass chick decked out in rose gold athleisure with a head full of perfectly curled hair. I had no idea who she was, but I had to meet her - STAT. She introduced herself as Ellie Cobb, a holistic psychologist (so rad). We started chatting, and hit it off immediately. Ellie is bubbly, multidimensional and (above all) brilliant

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hi! I’m Ellie! I love psychology, party planning, piña coladas, and peanut butter (although now my new fave is GRANOLA butter)! I am a Holistic Psychologist, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, and Wellness Specialist and Consultant. I have my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, and a decade of training in mindfulness, mind-body therapies, and holistic wellness. I’m originally from Michigan, I live in NYC, and I love traveling to Cali for work (and fun)! 

What was the inspiration behind your account?

*Grounded & Gold* started as my own personal exploration for my passions and inspirations during a time of my life when I did not have as many outlets as I’d like for my holistic health interests. It’s evolved into the place where I share daily little bits of inspirational gold all grounded in scientific and psychological research.  

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own brand/business?

Listen to yourself - what keeps coming back to you, what continually draws you in, what makes you feel alive, what fuels your energy? Consider your answers to those questions as your guiding light for your brand. If you have a passion, desire, or interest you want to share with the world, do it! The world wants to hear you! 

It’s okay to be apprehensive about sharing your voice or passion. Part of being bold is being vulnerable. Find community that supports you. Surround yourself by others who inspire you. It takes a team. And it takes patience and deep authenticity to adhere to your own internal compass.

Most of all, be yourself- one of the the most important parts of my journey has been cultivating the confidence and following my own internal drive to do something different- to combine conventional psychology, the trendy wellness industry, and my expertise and passion for holistic mind-body health into a field I made up called Holistic Psychology. 


What do you love most about your job?

Connecting with others! My job has two distinct parts. I’m a Holistic Psychologist in private practice so I see individual clients of all ages, couples, and families for therapeutic services. I also have my own business, *Grounded & Gold*, through which I do wellness, mindfulness, and psychology workshops, talks, events, writing, and consulting. In different ways, the highlights of both aspects of my work is reaching and empowering others to discover their own internal sparkle and shine! I also love bringing creativity, fun, and playfulness to areas that have historically been very serious and structured. 

What do you love most about yourself?

Love this question, because we so often overlook the importance of self-love! I love my immense amounts of energy, enthusiasm for life, my continued curiosity and wonder, my ability and desire to connect with people... and my hair (insert hair flip)! 

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Take us through a day in the life of Ellie. We want all the deets!

I wake up super early with tons of energy. First, I take a moment in bed to set my daily intention, then pop up and head to the gym or a workout or yoga class (often with my husband or a friend). I love to move in the morning, and rotate hardcore high intensity classes (absolute fave is Barry’s Bootcamp) with more rejuvenating centering practices (faves are pilates, yoga, and The Class by Taryn Toomey). Then I head home, do my morning meditation, drink hot water with lemon, make breakfast (been on a kick of eggs, spinach, and avocado, but depending on time, might just make a smoothie), and take my vitamins/supplements. Then I walk to work. Walking to work feels like a gift each day- it’s hard to connect with nature in NYC, and walking to work allows me to take intentional moments to feel the fresh air, look up at the sky, and connect with the city and my surroundings in a refreshing way. I do clinical work in private practice 3 days a week, and the rest of my time, I am having meetings, leading events, teaching meditation, and writing and brainstorming all the ways to spread the word of mental wellness. In the evenings, my husband and I either make dinner or I go out with friends - it’s always important to me to connect with the ones I love at the end of each day. I practice thankful thoughts to turn my mind to the positives in my life, and then stretch, do a light yoga routine, or use a foam roller and the Chi Machine right before bed. This process helps to center my energy and unwind my body and mind from the exciting whirlwind day and prepare myself for a rejuvenating night of sleep, which usually seems to work, as I almost always wake up energized and excited for the day ahead! 

What's on the horizon for you in 2018?

Spreading scientifically-backed mental wellness and expanding myself! This year, I have set intentions to continue my own process of self-growth and concurrently to grow my business, brand, and voice to validate and inspire the importance of mind-body-spirit integration for holistic wellness. 

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And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween?

Being surrounded by loved ones, wearing bright pink or shining gold, being outdoors in nature and feeling a sense of bounding freedom, dancing wildly and without reservation, following my passions and turning my thoughts and beliefs into actions! 

And connecting with new friends - please reach out on my socials (@groundedandgold), website (www.groundedandgold.com), or email (groundedandgold@gmail.com)! 

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