Q&A with Paul Fishman, Self Love Coach

Okay — you can't help but take one look at Paul Fishman and feel overwhelming JOY. Paul is a total light in this world, and turns everything he touches into a positive ball of energy. His optimism and self-love is downright contagious. He's one of my favorite humans to follow on Instagram and I know you'll love this interview! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Oh hey, it's your boy Paul Fishman, Self Love Coach and You do You activist! I'm very passionate about my mission to empower and inspire every living thing to love themselves just a little bit more. I feel that if more people made space for love in their lives, there would be a lot less hate in the world! You can find me on instagram at @paulfishman and online at www.paulfishman.love

What was the inspiration behind your account?

My account has been through many transformations...just like me! I like to think of my account as a Self Love Letter to myself and the world. Reminding everyone who comes in contact with it to embrace their truth, ask for what they want and live every day as if it's a major dance party!

What does wellness look like for you?

Wellness looks like the P.A.U.L strategy to me. Presence, Accountability, Unconditional Acceptance and Love - Giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are, honoring the journey and most importantly loving and accepting yourself unconditionally.

On your page, you inspire others to use self-love to improve their relationship with food and their bodies. What advice do you have for someone who wants to start healing their relationship with their body and eating?

Something that truly changed my life was realizing that to truly love oneself we have to explore our self-hate. I am a HUGE advocate for putting pen to paper, writing down the things that are getting in the way of our happiness and then moving through them. Now, it's way easier said than done and I would absolutely recommend that you start slow. Prior to healing my relationship with food I was 75 pounds overweight and a major yo-yo dieter. After processing through the shame of my weight gain and some other massive wounding in my life, I managed to lose the weight and heal my relationship with food.
My transformation inspired me to create my Feel Your Food online course around healing emotional eating.

What do you love most about yourself?

I love my innate ability to create safe space for people and also protect my own energy at the same time. Plus I'm a pretty great dancer ;)

Take us through a day in the life of Paul. We want all the deets! 

Since leaving my full time career in fitness to become an online Self Love Coach I have been able to really solidify a kickass morning routine!
7AM: Wake up to puppy kisses from my Mini Golden Doodle Hatcher @hatcherthedood
730AM: Actually get out of bed, scrape my tongue (it's a MUST), brush my teeth and down a big glass of water mixed with Elemental Wizdom Metamorphosis Alkalizing Greens followed by another massive glass of water, 3 drops of Mowellen's Inner Peace CBD under my tongue and a spritz of Beekeper's Naturals Propolis Throat Spray. I'm serious, these things happen every single morning!
8AM: I use the 5 Minute Journal to celebrate my day and then do some sort of movement - I'm currently really into F45 Functional Training
9AM: I shower and have a major lymphatic drainage facial massage moment (something I just learned and am obsessed with!)
10AM: Either editing a video for YouTube, hopping on a call with a coaching client or sharing some motivational message on Instagram stories
11AM: My husband comes home for lunch and I take a break to eat with him
12PM: Hatcher and I take an afternoon walk to the dog park and sometimes we'll stop for a smoothie or snack at Cafe Gratitude
1:30PM - 4PM: Client calls or content creation for my social channels
5PM: My husband comes home and we play a round of our newest board game obsession Aggravation. I'm always posting about it on my stories, it's casually so annoying that he always beats me! I'm getting better though!
6PM: We make dinner together and always cap dinner off with some Frankie and Jo's Plant Based Ice Cream. It's a non-negotiable
7PM: Either watching a show, current obsessions, RuPaul's Drag Race and A Million Things OR I'll hop onto Instagram to respond to DMs and scroll
8PM: Checking back in with my 5 Minute Journal for the evening portion and then winding down for the night
9PM: Probably bingeing on James Charles' YouTube channel. I don't wear makeup but am secretly not so secretly obsessed with James! 
10PM: In bed with my weighted blanket which has changed my life! I sleep so much better with it!

And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween? (hey — men can be kweens too!)

Oh wow, I mean, so many things! Number one thing is being able to do what I love on a daily basis and make a living while doing it! I mean, I get to support people through their healing and experience their major breakthroughs. We're talking weight loss, career change, relationship manifestation and healing, restructuring poverty mindset and so much more... all with a foundation of Self Love and acceptance! If that isn't a YASSSS KWEEN moment I'm not sure what is!
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