Q&A with Shannon Barker, Model


Shannon Barker is the cutest human alive. I've been following her for over a year now, living vicariously through her ~glam~ model life on the 'gram. She's super into natural beauty and healthy living, and is a grandma at heart just like moi (whaddup 9pm bedtime). Hope you enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I was born and raised in Northern California then moved to Southern California the summer after graduating high school to take my modeling career to the next level! When I was 17 I started making youtube videos, with my sister Cait, about fashion, DIY projects, healthy eating and just hanging out with friends! Those videos really did change my life and took me down an amazing path I could've never imagined! I was signed with my modeling agency NewMark Models shortly after moving to so cal and my life hasn't been the same since. I am passionate about Health, wellness, non-toxic beauty and clean eating. Thats my main focus on my blog and in my videos now! Once my modeling career is over I definitely want to move into that space full-time. 


What do you love most about your job?

Well it's hard to just pick one thing but getting to travel is definitely one of my favorite parts. I've been to Hawaii, New York, Miami, Mexico, Bali and Australia for work and I wouldn't have had those opportunities if it weren't for modeling!



What do you love most about yourself?

I love my positive and optimistic outlook on life. I've been blessed in so many ways and I just feel that having a positive perspective has played a huge part in that. 



Take us through a day in the life of Shannon. We want all the deets!

Hmmm this is a hard one to answer since modeling isn't a daily 9-5 job. On a day that I am working I'll wake up at 7 (unless my call-time is earlier) and have my morning coffee and breakfast, which is usually a smoothie. Then I'll take my wiener dog Franklin on a walk and get ready for work, which really doesn't include much since I get my hair and makeup done when I arrive to the job.  I'll do my ALL TIME FAVORITE face mask, the "Vitamin C" sheet mask from Andalou Naturals then brush my teeth, throw on my clothes then I'm out the door! I live in Newport Beach and most of my jobs are in LA so my commute is about an hour this is when I LOVE to listen to podcasts! Once my photoshoot wraps I usually go straight to Erewhon! My favorites there are the Buffalo Cauliflower, Asian Chicken Salad and either their Charcoal Lemonade or their CBD Lemonade. If you are visiting LA I highly recommend you drop everything and go straight to the nearest Erewhon Market if you are a fellow health nut! I'll get back on the road (hopefully before rush hour) listen to more podcasts and then once I get back home  I'll go on a power walk at the beach and listen to more podcasts haha..  Then I'll go home make some sort of healthy dinner and watch Real Housewives with my sister before going to sleep.

On a day I'm not working I'll wake up at 7 do the whole coffee and walking my dog thing then hit a pilates, boxing class, or just a solid beach power walk. On mornings that I am able to workout I prefer to eat breakfast after, I've found that I am able to workout better and my stomach doesn't get upset mid workout this way. Then I'll go back home shower and catch up on emails, blog posts or editing videos for my youtube channel until lunch. My lunch is usually a big salad or I'll pickup my favorite lunch from a local spot, Jan's Health Bar. The Tuna Protein bowl is always my go-to. Somedays I have castings so I'll drive back up to LA for those. (yes, I do A LOT of driving.) Then when my boyfriend is done working we'll make dinner together or Postmates Pho and catch up on whatever Netflix series we've been watching!


And lastly, what makes you feel like a kween?

A few things that make me feel most like a kween are: The feeling after finishing a really good workout. Getting my nails done! Taking a bath with Epsom salts and face masking at the same time with candles and music playing of course... Drinking a CBD lemonade and crawling into bed early with my essential oils defusing... nothing too extravagant! I try to incorporate some of these things into my week as much as I can. 

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