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Q&A with the gals of Fitcityblonde

 Jeannie, Christina and Eli of Fitcityblonde

Jeannie, Christina and Eli of Fitcityblonde

The fitcityblonde girls are the most supportive group of gals I have ever met, and most of all - they're REAL. What I love most about their account is that they make wellness tangible for the everyday workin' gal (and guy). I know you'll enjoy their interview! 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

We're fitcityblonde - three blondes who met in college, now balancing healthy lifestyles + big-girl jobs in Chicago (Jeannie + Christina) and San Francisco (Elizabeth).  

Elizabeth (who also goes by Eli — like, The Book of) is from Kansas City, MO & played D1 soccer at Notre Dame (+ won an NCAA National Championship her freshman year). She moved out to SF after graduation to work for LinkedIn and fell in love with California.  You’ll rarely catch her in the city (she loves to travel), but when she is, she's probably running across the Golden Gate Bridge or planning her next hike.

Jeannie moved to Chicago in 2014, where her passion for fitness and wellness began. She's a newly-certified yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga and is currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  When she's not at the yoga studio, you can find Jeannie hanging out with her fiancé and puppy, on the patio at Big Star, or curled up with a good book.

Christina calls Michigan home, but Chicago stole her heart.  She's a Saint Mary's College alum and is currently working at her dream job in the Loop.  In her own words, "I've grown a TON since we started fitcityblonde in 2014, but sometimes I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. A few months ago, I began meditating which lead me to make the conscious decision to live in the moment and trust in the Universe - and things haven't been the same since. I am all about embracing this crazy, slightly confusing journey that is life and leaning into authenticity." Christina is always down to meet new friends - especially if kale salads, good workouts & great vibes are involved.


What was the inspiration behind fitcityblonde?

The three of us started corporate 9-5's immediately after graduation and found the routines + recommendations of many of the fitness leaders we were following on Instagram to be unrealistic for the average worker-bee.  So, we started fitcityblonde with the goal of providing a REALISTIC source of health + fitness for the average city-dwelling, working twenty-something (NOT Australian fitness models).


What do you love most about your job?

Aside from it keeping our friendships strong (we literally talk all day, every day), we love engaging and building community with our #fitcityfam!  When people message us and say they tried a new class because we recommended it or are seeing great results with Pressed Vibrance or even just WANT to work out with us at all - wowowow - it's a feeling we can't describe, but results with many heart-eyed emojis and "OMG THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY"-s.  It's true: we're so happy to be here and love everyone who has joined us on this crazy adventure!


What do you love most about yourselves?

We love that we're real and have stayed true to ourselves + the brand.  We're the girls who typically DON'T have their shit together - and that's OK.  We've found that as much as people LOVE to aspire to be these seemingly-perfect people on Instagram, they also love to hear that other people are just doing their damn best too, and that by golly - that's good enough! We forget our laptops at home, are late to meetings, spill coffee on ourselves, send e-mails to the wrong people, have pimples, eat candy, trip over weights in class and it's ALL ALRIGHT.


Take us through a day in the life of Christina, Jeannie + Eli. We want all the deets!

Elizabeth: wake up (I don't set an alarm unless I have something I have to be at), try to drink a protein shake (RIVALUS Promasil is my jam), do a few chores (I try to capitalize on the fact I'm most-likely to do these things in the morning), try to make it to work before breakfast is over (unless I'm #IntermittentFasting - and, yes, we're spoiled at LinkedIn), do a lil work, skip off to CorePower Yoga during lunch, come back and grab lunch and buckle down for a few hours, then head home to the boyf and kitty, where the boyf cooks din (I do dishes - it's a tradeoff we've contractually agreed upon), and then watch (too much) Netflix - I'm an addict - make a protein smoothie before bed and do it all over again, with a little fitcityblonde sprinkled everywhere in between.

 Jeannie, Christina and Eli of Fitcityblonde

Jeannie, Christina and Eli of Fitcityblonde


What's on the horizon for fitcityblonde in 2018?

Jeannie is getting MARRIED in August (Vail, here we come!), we're making a push for prettier photos on our feed (while maintaining authenticity - it's a tough line to toe), we're partnering with people who know WAY more about the science and WHY behind health and nutrition (we know enough to know we aren't always the experts!) and we're ONLY teaming up with our favorite brands moving forward (some of the ones we're really excited about: [solidcore], Vital Proteins and SoulCycle).  As fitcityblonde continues to grow, we have increasingly more responsibility and have made a promise to our followers to only partner with companies and brands we truly love, believe in and actually use.  Because that's the whole reason we started this thing: to be REAL.


And lastly, what makes you feel like kweens?

The fitness community is such a special place and we are SO thankful to have made so many crazy-inspiring, magical friends along the way whose presence and friendships alone make us feel like kweens.  It's amazing to watch people fiercely love and support each other and help each other grow. There truly is room for all of us to succeed and it's a g-darn beautiful thing. On a more-immediate level, blissing out in Shavasana after a kick-*ss CorePower Yoga Sculpt class or pulsing 'til your legs shake at [solidcore] always has a way of making us feel like bad*ass, boss kweens too!

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