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Stop Shoulding Yourself

This blog post is written in partnership with Halo Top ice cream, but all opinions are my own. 

Mood lately: the less I “should” myself, the better I feel. You know that little voice in your head, the one that says:

“You should work out more.”

“You should diet for that beach trip next weekend.” 

“You should have accomplished more by now.” 

That’s a “should” voice. And it’s got to go. Shoulds breed shame, guilt and feelings of “less than.” Have you ever felt empowered and happy after shoulding yourself? Nope. Neither have I. 

All these shoulds make us feel as if we’re not enough. As if we need to be better or different in order to be loved. As if our achievements and appearance are the reason people choose to hang out with us.

Well I’ve got some news for you, friend. You are enough. You’re a perfect masterpiece just the way you are. And the second I started really believing that was a pivotal turning point in my eating disorder recovery and journey to self-love.

So turn that should into can, want and will. How much more empowering is that?! Not something you feel like you have to do, but something you choose to do from a place of love. 

Let’s take ice cream, for example. Something I used to be terrified of, and feel like I couldn’t control myself around. 

Instead of: “I should eat Halo Top ice cream because it’s low calorie and healthier than regular ice cream.” 

Try this: “I choose to eat Halo Top ice cream because it’s cold, sweet and refreshing on a warm summer day. Regular ice cream sounds a little too heavy right now, and I’m craving something on the lighter side.” 

See that incredible shift?! Much more empowering and in tune with what you want, rather than something you feel like you “should eat.”

This applies to anything — work, relationships, self-love. Try shifting your shoulds into something more empowering, and watch your life start to evolve. 

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