Wellness Essentials that I Swear By

Silver Fern Probiotics
These are my holy grail. Most probiotics are all claims and no science,  but not Silver Fern. Their probiotic is pharmaceutical grade, 100% guaranteed survivability and DNA verified, so they are the REAL DEAL. Since I'm always on the go, these help keep my gut happy — even when I'm traveling. 



Aloha Protein Powder
Most protein powders are chalk-to-da-max. This one is the only plant-based powder that doesn't leave me gagging, and all the ingredients are organic and REAL. I add this to smoothies, chia pudding and protein pancakes. AmazonTarget and CVS carry their products, so you don't have to sacrifice convenience for health. 


The New Barn Almond Milk
Most almond milks contain weird stabilizers to thicken up their consistency (I'm talkin' to you, carrageenan). New Barn has none of that, but still tastes thick and dreamy. This is the closest thing to the homemade stuff -- I'm obsessed. I use it in all my smoothies and lattes for a creamy, satisfying mouthfeel and nutritional profile that I can feel good about. 



Wild Friends Nut Butters
With tons delectable flavors like chocolate coconut peanut butter and honey sunflower butter, Wild Friends makes some of the best spreads in da bidness. Founded by two college friends in 2011, their passion really shines through in the end product. Best of all — all of their nut and seed butters are made with real ingredients and completely preservative-free. 

17-04-WildFriendsProduct-7 (1).jpg

This is one of the cleanest granolas I've found on the market, and it's beyond delicious. Whole almonds, coconut & flax meal make for a satisfying crunch that's crazy addictive (I've been known to demolish an entire bag in an embarrassingly short amount of time). The addition of stevia keeps the granola lower in sugar than others on the market and won't send your blood sugar through the roof.


Mamma Chia Seeds
Packed with fiber and healthy fats, there's nothing I love more than chia seeds. Gram for gram, chia seeds have 8x the amount of Omega-3s than salmon! There are many brands out there, but I love Mamma Chia because they're a conscious and sustainable company which makes me feel some type a WAY. 


SP2 Spirulina
Forget everything you know about spirulina. Before trying SP2, I was convinced that all spirulina – while nutrient dense – tasted like a fish tank. SP2 is completely reinventing the spirulina game -- with a fresh, tasteless and completely odorless product. SP2 Superfood’s spirulina arrives frozen into individually packaged cubes making it easy to add to recipes. 

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