What Food Means To Me

By Kasey Pinter, @kase.eats

Hey everyone! My name is Kasey Pinter. I work in the social media and marketing side of the health food world, and I’m an intern at Kween! I am a California native and I love to get outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, mountain biking or walking my dog. At this time of year, if I’m not outside, you’ll find me baking in the kitchen, binge watching Food Network in front of the fire, and transforming my room into the North Pole. 

I like to cook, but even more than that, I love to EAT! I’m not a professional chef. I’m not a super influencer with a million followers. I’m not a certified health coach. But, I am just like everyone else who needs food to stay well and be happy.

If I’m going to eat everyday, you bet I’m going to make each meal as fun and fantastic as humanly possible. Because WHY NOT? Why not make smoothies with over-the-top drizzles of peanut butter and oatmeal bowls with colorful, strategically placed toppings?! In a nutshell, I style up my healthy-ish food, photograph it, and caption it using the sassy voice that food would have, if it could talk. Sound like a lot of effort? Maybe it takes a few extra minutes, but that’s how (and why) I find joy in food.

I make the food that I crave. Food that tastes how it’s supposed to taste. I love to experiment with new substitutes and to incorporate whole, healthy ingredients into classic recipes. Ingredients that make my body feel good. Ingredients that build muscles and strengthen immunity. Ingredients that taste good too (duh).

I love food. I am so grateful that I have sustained my love of food, even at times when I dieted, counted calories, and struggled with body confidence. Food is not the enemy. Food fuels our bodies to do the things we love, each and every day. Food brings people together, friends and strangers alike. Food is the very best language. It can (and SHOULD) be shared with everyone!

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