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What on Earth is Granola Butter?!

Granola Butter by Kween

Granola butter. You've seen it all over my Instagram and probably thought "What the heck is granola butter? Is it nut butter.. with granola in it?" 

Prepare to be enlightened, my friend. 

What is granola butter?

Picture all the goodness of granola - in a rich, creamy spread. With only 4g of sugar and 6g of protein (from beauty-boosting collagen!) per serving, granola butter is a healthy snack you can feel good AF about eating. 

How do I use granola butter?

Spread it on toast. Drizzle it on your smoothie. Dip apple slices in it. Eat it with a spoon. Slather all over your body (jk - but also I won't judge you if you do). 

Sounds too good to be true. Is it healthy? 

UH HUH HONEY. Gluten-free, non-GMO and no mysterious ingredients. We worked our royal buns off to ensure that we kept sugar low, without sacrificing taste. No refined sugars here - only pure maple syrup. And you can bet we included healthy fats: coconut and olive oil (no canola oil here - bye felicia). We added a healthy dose of flax to ensure each serving contains 15% of your daily value of fiber (thank us later). 

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