Allergen-Friendly MUDDY BUDDIES (Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, School Safe)

I used to POUND Muddy Buddies as an after-school snack, and this version is even better than the OG. Pack some in your kiddo's lunch box or make a batch for your next girls' night 😍


Here's what you'll need:

🤎 Chocolate chips & Rice Chex

🤎 Granola Butter® (we used Original, but any flavor will do!)

🤎 ⅛ cup butter

🤎 ½ cup powdered sugar


Here's what you'll do:   

🤎 In a large pot or pan, melt your butter and Granola Butter® over low to medium heat.

🤎 One cup at a time, add your Rice Chex cereal and stir to coat.

🤎 Pour the mixture into a large plastic bag and toss with the powdered sugar and chocolate chips.

🤎 Transfer the mixture to a lined baking sheet to cool, spreading evenly to avoid clumping. Once cool, INHALE!


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