GRANOLA BUTTER BOARD (Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergen-Friendly)

Bring this to your next holiday party & thank us later!! It's totally customizable based on your preferences, dietary needs & allergies. The combinations are literally endless and it would look so cute next to a holiday charcuterie board 🥰

Here's what you'll need:

🪩 ⅓ cup Original Granola Butter®

🪩 ⅓ cup Pumpkin Spice Granola Butter®

🪩 ⅓ cup Vanilla Granola Butter®

🪩 Shredded coconut flakes

🪩 Granola

🪩 Cacao nibs or choc chips

🪩 Toasted bread of choice


Here's what you'll do:

🪩 Dollop the Granola Butter® on top of a board.

🪩 Spread to slightly combine the flavors and create a swirl.

🪩 Top with shredded coconut flakes, granola, cacao nibs and/or any other desired toppings. Fruit, marshmallows, graham crackers or pretzels would also be amazing with this!

🪩 Dip toasted bread/toppings into the GB and enjoy :) 


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