Oat Sh*t, It’s Our Bday!!! Introducing: Birthday Cake Granola Butter

Over a year in the making & our #1 most requested flavor… Birthday Cake has officially landed in the haus!! Let’s paint the picture - remember those super soft, store bought frosted sugar cookies you got as a kid? Think that in spreadable form, but with ingredients you can actually pronounce 😇 I thought we peaked with Cookie Dough, but I gotta say - this is in the running for my favorite flavor ever.

It honestly crushes on its own (you guys know I’m a spoon to mouth type of gal), but these Birthday Cake Bites are the perfect, creamy, decadent, on-the-go snack. Plus, they’re super simple - all you need is:

🎂 1 jar of Birthday Cake Granola Butter

🎂 1 cup of almond flour

Combine both ingredients until it forms a firm texture (not sticky, but not dry). Roll into balls. Pop in the fridge. Inhale & party like it’s ya birthday.

And don’t worry, Birthday Cake is here to stay as a permanent flavor, baby!! Check it out and treat yourself here 🥳🥳

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