Introducing: Coffee Granola Butter ☕️☕️

Coffee is officially here!!! And to celebrate the launch of one of our favorite flavors to date, what else would we be making but a Coffee Granola Butter latte?! 😋☕️ This little number is delicious iced or cold and can be recreated with any GB flavor, but the iced oat milk latte vibes just hit different  🥵🥵



Here’s what you’ll need:

☕️ 2 tbsp Coffee Granola Butter

☕️ 1 cup water

☕️ Espresso

Here’s what you’ll do:

☕️ In a blender, combine 2 tbsp of Granola Butter for every 1 cup of water

☕️ Blend until combined - hello Coffee oat milk 🤤

☕️ Mix your oat milk + espresso as usual - devour 👊



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