After years (and we mean years 😅) of R&D, we *finally* present to you, the FIRST-EVER Granola Butter® packet!!!

Granola Butter Packets

With 1 serving of your most-loved OG flavors (Original & Vanilla), have your favorite GB on the go - trains, planes & automobiles, people!!!! They're made in a dedicated nut-free facility, non-GMO, glyphosate-free, GF, vegan, organic and delicious. Perfect for a quick desk snack, pre-workout, or to put in your kiddo's lunchbox 😇

These are our beta test launch, so we want to hear all the feedback so we can make these packets the best they can be, for YOU. Not enough product in the packet? Too much? Is the packet too wide? Too long? Want other flavors? We want to hear it all, so feel free to send us an email at with any comments or concerns 🩷

We're so excited to add another product (outside the jar!!) to our GB crew & there is more where that came from 😉 Appreciate all of you and thanks for coming along with us on this crazy ride!! 🎢🫶🏼❤️


Oat Haus Team


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