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Ali Bonar

Ali Bonar Kween Granola Butter Founder, Avokween

Born in Japan and raised in San Diego, Ali has been passionate about food for as long as she can remember. Her deep-rooted passion for nutrition inspired her to study Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley and eventually launch @avokween, where she dove crown-first into the Kween lifestyle. Ali wholeheartedly believes that overall wellbeing is often achieved off-the-plate: nutrition is important, but human connection (and pizza with friends at 2am) are essential. Avocado is her drug of choice and people who "forget to eat" are the reason she has trust issues.

Ali can be reached at or on instagram at @avokween.

Eric Katz

Eric Katz Kween Granola Butter Founder

Eric Katz is a mathlete, not an athlete. He initially co-founded Kween to support his girlfriend's obsession with food (as any good instagram boyfriend would), but quickly moved to embrace and thrive in the Kween community. Eric sees his involvement with Kween as an opportunity to help everyone reach their potential through good nutrition, miracle mornings and an enlightened community. 

Prior to starting Kween, Eric has been involved in the startup scene based out of Israel, and his passion to start a company was spawned by the time he spent working there. Other than work, Eric enjoys backpacking trips, EPL soccer and rounds on the golf course. 

Eric grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science in bioengineering. 

Eric can be reached at, on instagram @slamdaddy_, or on linkedin.

Ari Schraer

Ari Schraer Granola Butter Chef

Ari Schraer is full-time chef, part-time renaissance man.. and what his mom would call a really nice guy. He joined the Kween team with a desire to spice up the Granola Butter recipe (and, if we're being honest here, step up his Instagram game). To Ari, there is no greater pleasure than to share his craft with the world, and he has embarked on the Kween train to make that happen — one bite at a time. 

Since 2012, Ari has been working in professional kitchens across the country, and has gained experience in nearly every type of food service establishment out there. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2014, he has been on a flavor journey which has included Michelin-starred NoMad Restaurant in New York and 5 Star Relais Chateau Addison Restaurant in San Diego. These experiences have honed his craft, palate and standards, spurring a tenacious desire to refine his recipe. Ari lives and breathes the motto “whatever it takes." 

Ari can be reached at or on instagram @arichefari.

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