Oat Haus Granola Butter® As Seen On Shark Tank

Welcome Shark Tank Fans 

We're so glad you made it to our Haus party! We're all about bringing the fun back into food. We know you Shark Tank fans want to dive straight into the numbers, but before we do — here's a little about us.

How it started: Our founder Ali had the idea for an oat-based spread in her tiny San Francisco kitchen. She partnered up with Eric and Ari to create Granola Butter as we know it. They worked on it as a side hustle for the first year, and upon launching into Whole Foods and Pressed Juicery, decided to make the leap to full-time entrepreneurs.

How it's going: We moved across the country to Philadelphia for a 12,000 sq ft nut-free facility of our own, and we've launched a few more fun flavors since the early days... 

Where you can find us: Our products are sold right here & well as in retail stores across the country (select Whole Foods, Central Market, Thrive, etc). 

How to follow our journey: You can follow us on Instagram @oat.haus, tiktok @granolabutter, and youtube. Plus, if you join our subscriptions you'll get put on our close friends list for ~exclusive insider content~ !!

Interested in more about Ali's ED recovery? Find her on instagram @alibonar & on her podcast where she dives deeper on her journey to self love and food freedom.

Now, let's party!!!
     The Oat Haus Team

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