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Liquid Gold

I love the vanilla granola butter!! It tastes just like teddy grams. It’s great mixed in yogurt with fruit and smoothies or by the spoon full!!!

Build a Box
Cheryl M.

I didn’t know what to expect when trying all of the flavors. I bought some at Target and my picky teen daughter was obsessed. We had to try different flavors and now she is rationing out the jars : ) I love red velvet, and cookie dough is her favorite, but really we haven’t not liked any! We need to try them all.

Cookie Dough

Some of the best thing I've ever eaten

Build a Box
Tori G.
Great value!

The build a box was a great value and allowed me to try a number of the butters for a decent price. I definitely found my favorite in the cinnamon roll granola butter! I could buy six of those alone! I’d recommend this box to anyone who is curious about the variety of flavors offered.

Build a Box
Carmen B.C.R.

Build a Box

My Favorite

My favorite of all flavors


My sister loves it


I can get high off the smell of vanilla granola butter. The taste is phenomenal. An explosion of rich vanilla and the perfect level of sweetness in a creamy, irresistible spread. It’s impossible to hold back from eating it. It’s the most dangerous addiction.

Amazing product

It was honestly way better then I thought it was going to be. I’ve tried some of the other brand nut butter and was not impressed at all. The oat butter was so tasty my kids enjoyed it as much as I did and we finished the jar in a week!!

Build a Box
Crowley C.
Very good


Build a Box
Dean T.
Great Product

The build a box selection gives the customer the option to build the box with flavors of their choice, that is not in the retail stores. An excellent product, I can't say enough good things about Oat Haus.

Build a Box
Rebecca B.

Build a Box

Build a Box
Kelli P.
Love it

Love it

Super cute

As a big fan of granola butter AND fun socks, I knew I would be insufferable if I didn't buy these and I'm so glad I did! The socks are adorable and I get compliments on them all the time, which lead to conversations about Granola Butter (which are my favorite conversations). They aren't terribly thick to the point where my feet are hot, and they feel like a good material.

Cinnamon roll granola butter

LOVE LOVE my cinnamon roll granola butter. Since I am not doing gluten this is the next thing to having the real deal

Best flavor

I’ve now tried 6 flavors and birthday cake is hands down my favorite. Yes it’s pretty sweet but 1-2 tsp of this satisfies my birthday cake dreams. It’s seriously so good 🥰

my kids love it!!!

such a good classic flavor! my kids love this one on sandwiches!!!!

Build a Box
Svitlana M.
I did not receive a box with 3 jars

Love granola butter very much but I did not receive the “build a box” even though it was on the list of items I’had ordered. I received two jars of granola butter, the golden spoon, and the hat. I think the order form for “build a box” was a bit confusing. I might have filled it out incorrectly.

Build a Box
Shelby M.

I love oat haus please bring back banana bread tho!!

Not My Fav Flavor

It's okay, but vanilla is not my thing. If vanilla is YOUR thing, you'll like it... get it! And if you're wondering why I bought vanilla even though it's not my thing... I didn't. It was free.

Build a Box
Kiana G.
Love it!

Cookie dough is my absolute favorite flavor with strawberry coming in a strong second. I was able to get two cookie doughs and a strawberry to fulfill my addiction lol. I absolutely love them.

Build a Box
Emma R.

Build a Box

Love this Sh*t

All the flavors. Damm*t. I wish this sh*t didn’t taste so dang good. Swear to god I need a budget category for ‘granola butter’ so I don’t overspend and I’ve probably gained back 10 Lbs from gorging on this crap.

Don’t buy it. Or do. I don’t know. Just know there’s no going back

Our favorite!

The strawberry shortcake is probably our favorite flavor. So good!

Build a Box
Abigail H.
Building a Box is GREAT!

The ability to build your own box of flavors is something I’ve done since I learned it was available.! Being able to pick and choose which flavors I want to replenish or try is incredibly convenient. The discount on building a box as well is greatly appreciated as well, coming from someone who buys GB regularly. I love this product and I can’t WAIT to try every flavor!

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