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Variety 6 Pack
Jacqueline Utecht
Pricing on this is Queen!!! (Queen > King, duh)

The pricing for this 6 pack is so worth it, especially if you plan on gifting some to others (or eating them all to yourself, no judgement!!). This was my first time trying their products & the vanilla was definitely the first to go. Pro tip: if this is your first time trying Oat Haus’s granola butter, I highly recommend having a tasting party with your close friends or fam. We did this & it was so fun!!

Strawberry Shortcake Granola Butter

It’s just perfect

Cut banana into bite size pieces. Drizzle (drown) with PS granola butter. Chill in freezer for 15 minutes. You’re welcome.

Original Granola Butter
Lisa Ciarrocchi
Delicious allergy alternative

My daughter has a nut allergy and this is a tasty alternative to nut butter!


The vanilla flavor is to die for! Coming from an almond butter fanatic, I haven’t had anything but Oat Haus in months. 🙌🏽

Pumpkin Spice Granola Butter

Not as good as I thought it was going to be :(

Variety 3 Pack
Allison M

So delicious! The texture and flavors are bomb! I appreciate that there is no refined sugar and it is free of major allergens. I have ordered 6 jars so far and can’t get enough! Original and vanilla are my favorites.

This was THE BEST . Please keep it forever

The best thing since sliced bread and the best thing on sliced bread

I love the strawberry shortcake flavor! It is literally perfect for everything and is what I like to enjoy after a long day of classes.

can’t stop, won’t stop

this was the first granola butter flavor I tried & I ate it all in 2 days 😳 I’ve since ordered more!! it’s delicious spread on apples & waffles or mixed into warm oatmeal. but tbh, majority of the time I just eat it with a spoon 🙃 so glad I gave this a try & am now recommending it to clients with nut allergies!

Oat haus is the bomb

I loved both flavors strawberry shortcake and the pumpkin spice. I look forward to trying more flavors.



God sent

This was amazing!!! I’ve tried most of the GB’s and this truly was my fav so far.

Variety 3 Pack
Ali Panattoni
Granola butter

I’ve been addicted to this stuff for months now.
This last batch wasn’t as good though.
My favorite - blueberry had a weird taste to it, I was very disappointed.

So yummy!

This is definitely my favorite flavor!

Best flavor ever!!!

Are you kidding meeee

I didn’t know what to except since granola butter was new to me. It really is so good! Not only did I order once, but 3 more orderS in 2 weeks. The texture, the ingredients,the TASTE oh em gee, the taste is heavenly. Thank you for creating this, I can’t stop talking about it.

Pumpkin Spice Granola Butter
Gintaute Rozgaite



this is literally the best thing i have ever put in my mouth. texture is unreal. flavor is unreal. i never want to see a jar of almond butter again

Variety 3 Pack
Karin Pyne
so good!

the flavors are amazing and the texture is to die for! it is so smooth!

Variety 3 Pack
Vickiy Van Beek
New Favorite Nut Butter

I absolutely love the Oat Haus Pympkin Granola Butter!! 1st time trying this product and I am hooked. Can't wait to try the other two flavors in my variety pack.

Vanilla Granola Butter
Caroline Johnson

This butter is delicious

Variety 3 Pack
Juliana Miller

Variety 3 Pack

Grew on me

On my initial taste, I found it overwhelmingly nutmeg forward. But I got to say, I kept eating it, and really love it now! Especially like this one frozen as it tastes like cookies. With all their products, I find a sprinkle of salt really helps all the flavors shine that much more.

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