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AMAZING, especially for those with nut allergies!

I know this sounds like hyperbole, but Granola Butter has changed my daughter’s life. She has been searching for YEARS for a spreadable “nut butter” that doesn’t have any flax, sesame, peanut, tree nut ingredients, and finally Oat Haus came to the rescue. Thank you so much, truly, for developing something SO delicious that my daughter can enjoy every day. Keep up the amazing flavors!


After eyeing this granola butter for a while I finally ordered 3 jars (original, cookie dough, & birthday cake) and I am kicking myself for not getting some sooner! It is so good. Like, SOOOOO good!! Drizzled on fruit? Added to oatmeal? Straight from the jar into my mouth? Yes, please to all the ways. I have been bumming hard after having to cut out gluten, dairy, and many nuts from my diet but this stuff turned my frown upside down. Even my kids and husband who can eat all the peanut and cookie butters they want are trying to steal my granola butter.

Build a Box
Chris Taube


Worth the wait!

This one is definitely worth ordering again and again. Delicious with yogurt and fruit or by the spoonful.

Build a Box
Shelby Mcluckie
3 count box

I got the birthday cake and vanilla

HANDS DOWN my fav with strawberries


Build a Box
Shelby F.
Granola Butter quite literally saves my life

Recently I ordered 3 jars in a Build a Box, those being Original, Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake. LET ME TELL YOU! You can never go wrong with the OG Granola Butter, Cookie Dough was delicious and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it yet! Now, Birthday Cake… this flavor shoved me right back to childhood with the Lofthouse Sugar Cookies that I loved so dearly. It’s basically identical to those cookies from my kid years and i’m so so grateful for this flavor, this brand, and this being a staple in my pantry.

Strawberry Shortcake Oat Haus is BOMB!

Hi, I absolutely LOVE the Strawberry Shortcake Flavor... it is 3rd on my fave list. First is Birthday Cake, then Vanilla and then SS! Thank You Oat Haus, my tummy and I are very happy :)

Build a Box
Suzanne Meerdink
Build Your Own Box

The best way to try the flavors and made great Mother’s Day gifts!!

Build a Box
Loved all flavors

Love the option to build my own box. I know it’s extra hard work on the back end but makes the custom part enjoyable. Loved all the flavors I got and can’t wait to order more

Build a Box
Jessica Forer
The Best Mail I've Ever Received

I could NOT wait for my build a box. It was delayed because the mixer had unexpectedly broke, but it was ok, it was WORTH the wait!!! Birthday Cake should be sold behind the pharmacy counter because it's addictive AF and I would go on a bender if I didn't limit myself. It's seriously one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten, that's including things I ate on global vacations. Cookie Dough is a close second and Vanilla is my new staple. Bless you for creating such an amazing confection. I am HOOKED!

So delicious!

I ordered 3 different flavors and all 3 were so good! My only issue is I don’t know if I can keep these in the house because I have no self control when they are here!

Our Family Is Addicted

Yes, I admit, I am an addict. I can also admit that my family is now addicted as well. We love the taste, the texture, and most of all- THE LABEL!


Absolutely amazing and delicious alternative to peanut butter. Love it!!!

Love it!

Love the cookie dough! So good!

Build a Box
Jade Henke

Build a Box

Build a Box
Jocelyn Ramirez

Build a Box


I love the birthday granola!!!! It only lasted 2 weeks i love it!!! Ordering more today!!!


This is great- very different from the other flavors (its not just vanilla with choc chips!). Tastes like cookie dough. The only problem is sometimes
It comes with chips Melted and when you stir it, the chocolate just mixes in . Yummy but changes
It .

I love this stuff!!

I cannot get enough of the strawberry shortcake granola butter. I get a little stressed when I’m about to run out and my new order hasn’t arrived. I eat a spoonful everyday after lunch

Obsessed with Birthday Cake!

The birthday cake flavor is SO delicious. I’ve been drizzling it over vanilla ice cream and it’s my new favorite thing! Absolutely delicious. I’m sneaking little spoonfuls from the jar all day!

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Katie Ford
So, SO, Good.

Well, it took my daughter and I two weeks to get through 4 jars, literally my favorite thing ever on toast, on apple slices, on chia seed puddings, on ice cream! The birthday cake is definitely my fav!


Build a Box
Paula L

Absolutely love the make your own box! I got a few flavors to try and already ordered another one with a few more different flavors! I haven’t had one i disliked yet!


simply, muah! the oat haus team crushed it again

Build a Box
Taylor Cronk

Build a Box

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