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Red Velvet Granola Butter


I treat granola butter as a decadent dessert all by itself 😳, but it can be used in so many recipes as well. All good, but can’t go wrong with original flavor imo.

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Opened box

One of the jars came opened which it wasn’t a big deal, I emailed the company letting them know and they immediately sent me another one. I wasn’t expecting it but I really really appreciated it. Amazing experience!

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Katherine P.

Love oat haus

Original is the QUEEN

This sets the bar for the entire line. I thought it would lack “something” compared to the other decadent flavors but this holds its own without even trying. Delicious heaven on a spoon and always hard to stop eating

Love this flavor!!

Honestly I’m not usually a strawberry flavored person usually. But this strawberry shortcake is honest top two flavor of granola butter for me!!

Build a Box
Stevie W.
Good not Great

I liked build a box to try the different flavors and I had some high hopes after reading the reviews. It’s definitely an interesting texture and provides a different experience room temp vs fridge. Not sure it’s completely satisfying my craving for “cookie dough” or “brownies” though bc it’s just a little different and hard to describe the texture. I enjoyed trying it for something different but not sure I’ll be ordering again based on the price and overall taste for me though.

this is just frosting

it's not terrible or anything, but it's definitely excessively sweet. there's that characteristic HFC aftertaste, too. wasn't really a fan.

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Michelle B.
Tastes a little off

So I do like the initial flavors. Then when i get to the end of the bite, the flavors sour a bit. It almost tastes like a diet flavor. Won’t purchase again.

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Jillian P.
"Oat" So Amazing!

I'm addicted! This stuff is so good, I eat it right out of the jar! It's the perfect solution when I'm craving something sweet after a meal. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Too good

My main critique is that once I eat a spoonful, it is VERY difficult to stop before the entire jar is gone...it is truly that good. You have been warned!

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Sarah H.
Wishing for coffee

Wishing coffee was still on the list. It.was the reason I booked a subscription because I had 2 flavors I liked and would eat regularly. Hoping it stays on for.subscriptions

Always the best

I can’t get enough! Love supporting small business, they are healthier than other spreads and delicious flavors!

I’m in L O V E

I really love the flavor of your original granola butter!


I love the consistency of oat butter, and the Brownie Batter flavor is great. Not too sweet, but not too rich either. Makes you feel like you're literally eating brownie batter. I liked putting it into mug cakes and on yogurt!

I love this stuff!

I love the cinnamon roll but find it a little sweet so order with original flavor and combine the 2. The brownie batter is delicious too - love to drizzle it on raspberries or strawberries. I have purchased that one twice and am a little confused as the first one was completely smooth but the second had a sprinkling of chocolate chips. Maybe 1 in each spoonful. So not enough to make me feel like they are supposed to be there. Maybe that jar had product that didn’t get fully melted? Is it supposed to have chips or not? Was still delicious although a bit pricey.

Absolutely delicious

My only problem with this flava-flav is that it never lasts long enough on the shelf no matter how hard I try to hide it. 😉

Love this stuff

Can’t get enough of this. It is amazing.

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Maria-Elena D.

It's so hard to not eat the entire jar in one sitting because it's so delicious! Highly recommend these granola butters!

The best

As soon as I smelt it I knew it was gonna be Tony the Tiger!!!!

So good

Loved the flavor.

Very Delicious

Wonderful! I am so grateful there is an alternative to peanut butter and seed butter!


Super good new fav

Build a Box

Build a Box
Build a box

I think being able to build a box is a great idea and great way to get more of what you want! These granola butters taste AMAZING! They are quite small once you receive them but it’s worth it to me. Maybe next time I’ll build a box of 6! Can’t wait for my next order to arrive!

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