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Great Taste

Took this on couples getaway with hubby, sister and brother in law. Everyone loved it! Not too sweet. Tasted awesome and no nuts!!
will buy for my daughter!


You get a hint of banana with some balanced cinnamon nutty like flavor. This is now probably one of my favorite flavors after cinnamon roll. I can see myself drizzling this on some cinnamon graham crackers as a snack!

I wanted to love it!

I like, not love, this flavor. I think the sprinkles are super cute- what's a birthday flavor without spranks?! But it's almost too sweet. IE: I need to eat it alongside a little peanut butter, or sprinkle a little sea salt on it when snacking. To me, it's not quite birthday *cake*, more overly sweet vanilla with sprinkles. It's not bad, but I'll still take smores, cinnamon roll, and the new brownie batter over this one!

Incredibly delicious 😋

I had to try the cookies and cream and brownie batter. OMG!! They were amazing! So much so I had to get more. You will not be disappointed. I eat it with a spoon!


Good alternative to peanut butter butter, almond butter etc and cream cheese. Love it!

Build a Box
Lucilia S.

I appreciate how you get to pick and choose, which ones do you want. I always get one for me one for my baby girl and one for the rest of the family! However, my baby girl told me I should be getting four so next time around I’m gonna be getting four.

Build a Box
Bernard B.

Five star product but also Five Star packaging and branding.. You don't just get a "bland" box delivered to your door...its a CELEBRATION and makes you want to open it immediately and open all of the jars to taste! Kudos to the OAT.HAUS TEAM!! The new flavor Berry Blast is seriously "out of this world!"

Build a Box
Barbara Z.

My favorite snack!!!! Love all flavors

The BEST!!

Birthday cake is one of, if not my favorite flavor. It really tastes like birthday cake and since it’s easy stir, the consistency is like cake batter too!

Cinnamon roll

Hands down best flavor! I have a slight addiction and have ordered over a dozen jars! Order will be on repeat! Use this in place of pb on my apples

Build a Box
Emily Y.
my all-time favorite snack !

nothing compares to granola butter for me :) i keep these around as my little "mommy treat" for whenever i want a special snack !! i like how the build-a-box makes it cheaper and it's so nice to receive multiple flavors at once. brownie batter, cookie dough, and the protein vanilla are my current favorites. i hope you bring back the coffee one too !!

My favorite!

Birthday Cake is my favorite, hands down! It tastes good on everything! Highly recommend!

The best

Love the cinnamon taste and buttery undertone

🍌 bread granola butter

It's absolutely divine I love the taste and texture. I'll be honest I havnt had one of ur flavors I havnt eaten with a spoon in one go. Delicious The Best hands down.

Build a Box
Worth it!

I love being able to choose the granola butter flavors that I want, and it lasts me a pretty long time!

So good!

Birthday cake is my absolute favorite flavor!!

Build a Box
Susan Z.

Perfect way to sample a variety of. I actually split the box with my daughter…. So it works out great! They are all delicious!


SOO delicious! I never knew how much I needed granola butter in my life before this product. This is my favorite flavor so far :)

Cookie Dough (Chipless) Granola Butter


This is my all time favorite flavor. It’s SOOOO GOOD!!! I eat it by the spoonfuls!!!

Love of sprinkles n cake

I love sprinkles so this is perfect. A chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles would be a dream come true.

Build a Box
Ashley p.
Build your own box

Very satisfied and pleased! Will be a customer for life! Love it and I’m addicted. The build ur own box is great and love that you can pick the flavors you want! Will continue to support this amazing brand:)

Build a Box
Can’t live without

I allow myself one jar a week of this deliciousness 😂 I have to or I would eat the whole jar in one sitting. So delicious, decadent, and I don’t have to feel too guilty as the ingredients are clean. I order again. And again and again 💜

Birthday cake is on my top 3

I have ordered this flavor more than any other. That speaks for itself. Lol

Cookies & Cream
Gianna O.
Exceptional… Incredible… Out of This World Amazing

Cookies and Cream is mind-blowing! It tastes just like Oreos, and the second I open the jar, it smells like an Oreo blizzard. I could get high off the smell. It’s addicting. It’s indulgent. It’s incomprehensibly delicious. I just can’t handle it… so I just keep eating it. It’s divinity in a jar.

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