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Vanilla Granola Butter tastes like sugar cookie cookie dough only better. It’s smooth and creamy and all you need is a spoon. 😋

Are you spying on me?

As I sit here checking my email before bed, I see 'What do you think about Brownie Batter Granola Butter?' and I looked around my apartment as if I was being watched. I LITERALLY JUST DEMOLISHED A JAR. I'm not proud of what occurred on my couch and despite feeling spied on, I feel totally validated. 10/10 would recommend. My favorite flavor, hands down. <3 <3 <3


This is a must have flavor. So creamy and delicious. Flavor is excellent.

new favorite company ily guys🫶🫶

i orginally heard about granola butter on tiktok and was curious to try it. i tried the vanilla one off amazon and absolutely loved the taste and texture of it. finding things i like has been a struggle lately as someone who is trying to get better from an ed. i thought it was so cool and inspiring when i read the backstory of granola butter and it's so awesome to see people being open about stuff and yeah:)) it's quickly become one of my favorite things and i'm ngl when i ordered during the black friday sale and i received it i almost cried happy tears because i was sent two free gifts when i was technically only supposed to get one. ordering a food product for myself was something i never would've done just a few months ago and as silly as it sounds something so simple has brought me so much joy. thank you for being an amazing company :D

Build a Box
Amazing value

Couldn’t be more happy with options!!

So so so yummy!

Brownie batter is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten! Best flavor yet and the little chunks of chocolate make it extra great! Love it!

Build a Box
Lou A.P.

Great product love the taste


I love this so much. I’m on my second jar but I have a third as backup. The pumpkin spice is my new favorite!!


I love all of the Oat Haus Granola Butters! The Vanilla has a very pleasing taste and great consistency. Wonderful product!

Build a Box
Mindy S.

Build a Box

Original is my new fav!

Hello. I have tried many of flavors but finally tried the original and it’s my favorite of them all!!!

Dangerously yummy!

Love build a box especially when new flavors come out! Perfect way to try a new one and stock up on favs


My family and I love this! Definitely has that classic brownie batter taste. By far the jar we've finished the quickest! BB and Original are my faves :)

Purple Sweater
Olivia S.
Comfiest sweater

I wanted this sweater for months and it’s honestly the comfiest sweater. The colors are gorgeous together and you can tell the quality is great as soon as you take it out of the box. I absolutely love it!

Build a Box
del b.

Build a Box


Taste so good. I like all of the flavors so far. Love that it is nut free.

Build a Box
Devin L.

A must have in our family!

Build a Box

Love having options!!

Build a Box
Sara S.
Best stuff ever

It is so hard to stop after just a tablespoon. This stuff is so good, I could literally sit and eat a whole jar in one sitting. Vanilla is good. Brownie batter is good. Cookie dough is good. They are ALL good! Build a box and try them all

Birthday Cake Granola Butter


So cute. Such a nice gift :)

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Elena L.
Amazing and Basically Life Changing

I’ve always loved OatHaus but have started to love them even more. I have so much respect for how hard their small team works especially during this busy time of year. They care about the quality of their product and want their consumers/community to be satisfied from beginning to end. I love opening up my delivery to find the jars of liquid gold. I’ve been a vanilla girl through and through but OMG the brownie batter?!?! Holy sh*t, it’s life changing. It taste like real deal brownie batter but somehow better?? Absolutely amazing!

Build a Box
Clarissa Q.

Thanks so much for your product is delicious 😋🥰

Build a Box

This “butter” is absolutely amazing imo; delicious! And having the ability to choose your own box of a mix of flavors is fantastic.

Always 30/10

Always amazing!!

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