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Not my favorite but still good!!

I honestly thought it was too mild of a chocolate flavor for myself, BUT, it doesn’t deserve any less than 5 stars! I loved the OG chocolate and brownie batter is tasty. I didn’t love chocolate bday cake or hot cocoa, but I might try adding cocoa powder to it and see if that gives it a bolder flavor. It would take a LOT for me to give less than 5 stars because this product is amazing and eaten daily by almost everyone in my home. There isn’t a flavor we didn’t finish. We love that it’s nut free and allergy friendly. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

Build a Box
Athena P.
Taste great!

I ordered for the first time. I bought the original, hot cocoa & chocolate chip cookie dough (with chips) they all taste great but think I like the chocolate chip cookie dough the best!


My daughter loved it. So many little marshmallows throughout

Build a Box
Amanda W.

Build a Box

My favorite so far!

I LOVED this flavor. It hit the spot. It had that chocolate flavor I was craving and the best part is that it has marshmallows. I almost finished a jar in one day. Great work Oat Haus!!!

Build a Box
Best oat butter ever!

You cannot go wrong with a single flavor of Oat Haus!

Brownie batter

I liked the brownie batter granola butter. The taste is awesome

Ok but not their best

Our family LOVES granola butter. Hot cocoa is not on the top of the list however. The taste is more like a muted brownie batter and the marshmallows are a little overkill. Our next order (which we’ve already made) will go back to our old faves like cinnamon roll. Hot cocoa is good but doesn’t stack up compared to the many GREAT flavors OatHaus offers.

Build a Box
Sarah M.
Best goodies ever

So great to be able to mix and match flavors to try all the best!

from the kids

odin (age 9)- hot cocoa is so good. i love the marshmallows. i wouldn’t change a thing. i could eat it all day.
mazie (age7)- i love it, i wanna eat it all day every day because it’s so delicious. the marshmallows are perfect to me. can i have some right now?
mom (29 forever)- i bought 3 jars for the kids but i’ve already eaten a whole jar myself. slather me in hot coca granola butter 🤤

Cinnamon Roll Goodness

I love this flavor, I actually hate cinnamon rolls in real life, but love this product. It’s not overwhelming and a perfect balance of flavors especially the spices. I love putting it over yogurt or eating by the spoonful!

Hot cocoa granola


Yum 😋

What more do you have to say! Chocolate and marshmallows

Build a Box
Olivia J.
New Fav Snack

A friend gave me a jar to try, and I am hooked! Every flavor I've tried is 10/10. The Build a Box was a fun way to try a variety of flavors... you bet I opened multiples at once! So yummy- I can't get enough!

It taste just like hot chocolate and very smooth texture

Hot Cocoa Granola Butter

Great flavor!

Love S’mores Granola Butter! The marshmallows have a bit of chew to them but they are still really good! One of my favorites!

Soo good!

Closest thing to enjoying fresh baked cinnamon rolls everyday! Pro-tip put a scoop in your oatmeal!

Perfect Packets

So easy to take to the office for lunch, snack. Easy to put on bananas or apples or anything or.....straight from the packet itself. Yum!

Definitely go no stir

While I think I would’ve loved the flavor of strawberry shortcake, I think the texture of the no stir bars are so much better! It’s not the oil, just the whipped-ness of the no stir that I love! Especially birthday cake!


Love it love it loooooove it!

EASY STIR Cookie Dough (+Chips) Granola Butter

Did I get a bad batch?

I tried vanilla granola butter for the first time the other week and was obsessed. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on other flavors. I tried the cookie dough with chips and I’m not even sure what I would say it tastes like but it’s not good. Is very bland to me and doesn’t taste much like anything. I wonder if it’s the jar I got because of all the reviews are positive but I’m disappointed and for $8 a jar I’m hesitant to try other flavors.

Build a Box
Samantha O.
Super good, tastes better than peanut butter!

I loved Build a box, I got to pick the flavors I wanted to try and ate all of it so fast, I love Oat Haus so much.

I got the Confetti, S'mores, and Chocolate chip flavors. I didn't really like the s'mores one, it was a little too 'graham cracker'-tasting and cinnamoney for me, + really high calorie, but the other ones were suuuper good, low cal, and appetizing.

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